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Medical document management systems that capture the whole patient encounter.

 iScribe Healthcare intellectually is a conduit between clinical documentation, physician documentation, compliance, and quality. We provide a cloud-based suite of speech recognition and healthcare information management solutions for clinical transcription, linking speech understanding technology with in-depth reporting analysis and analytics to simplify your clinical documentation. Our backend speech recognition platforms decrease turnaround times and reduce costs without affecting clinical workflow. Our front-end solutions offer real-time documentation that allows physicians to utilize cloud-based speech recognition within their EMR to allow them to spend more time with their patients.


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Using just a Web Browser, hospitals can integrate Speech Understanding on both structured and narrative documents using an easy-to-adapt cloud-based speech recognition technology solution that recognizes the structure of data. True quality of care is much easier with up-to-date patient information and analytics.


Medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) can take advantage of an easy-to-implement Speech Understanding product without installing and maintaining an in-house system. Use iScribe anywhere a Web Browser is available. iScribe empowers MTSO while decreasing costs.


Clinics and private practices can take advantage of iScribe's easy-to-integrate Speech Recognition technology without big up-front expenses and complex software installation and maintenance. Integrate with existing EMR systems. Physicians can use the iScribe technology on a wide range of mobile devices and Web Browsers.

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