iScribe Speech Doctor: Medical Speech Recognition for Physicians 

Take advantage of outstanding voice recognition medical software without installing software. Physicians can create verbal commands, canned text (routines), and templates for added voice recognition efficiency. Can scale to any size organization including the largest of healthcare institutions.

iScribe Speech Doctor: Easy-To-Use Recognition Program

Voice recognition is a new technology that is changing the way professionals do their jobs. Physicians dictate into a microphone with any application, like EMR/EHR or third party text systems, and iScribe Speech Doctor stores verbal commands and templates in the cloud. This technology immediately turns the doctor's voice into text in whatever layout he or she has chosen.

iScribe Speech Doctor, which supports many kinds of workflows, allows users to add or exclude certain phrases. For example, physicians can add a dictionary that includes specific words for their specialties, like orthopedics, cardiology or pathology. Users enjoy the greater speed and improved accuracy when they leverage voice recognition technology.

iScribe's Speech Doctor is a cost effective solution that is changing the way professionals share information.