Web Based Dictation Solutions

iScribe Enterprise offers unparalleled web based speech recognition technology that offers unified transcription, workflow, speech recognition and transcription services. Other capabilities of this hosted service include analytics and document management. The sate of the art capabilities support specific needs in the healthcare industry.

iScribe Speech Doctor is a program that can be used for dictating all applications for example EMR/EHR with the help of a recording device. It can be used by physicians for entering canned text and verbal commands. Features include medical vocabulary for all specialities, special templates for improved efficiency, the ability to use scripted commands for expediency, cloud storage and so much more.

With iScribe Healthcare, a web based speech recognition solution, supports end users by serving conduit for everything from clinical and physician documentation to compliance and quality standards. On backend speech recognition platforms, we lower turnaround times and cut costs without impacting clinical workflow. Our front-end solutions offer real-time documentation. The technology, which physicians can use within their EMR, enables them to concentrate more on patients’ needs.

iScribe Enterprise Data and Analytics

iScribe Healthcare Data and Analytics allows end users to get the insights they need when leveraging speech recognition. They can access automatic weekly reports that they will need for long-term evaluation create custom reports for real-time data analysis.

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